I’ve made a few, but then again…

I looked this morning at which of my posts have been most recently read by people, followed the link to the post itself. Almost immediately, I found a typo.

I do, of course, try not to make spelling mistakes in the first place. In fact, my spelling is good – very, very good – so if you see a typo it’ll most likely be a slip of my finger, or tapping the keyboard too lightly to register a stroke (happens a lot). I run my potential posts through a spellchecker, of course, (every little helps!) but I often find myself falling into the trap of running the spellchecker, re-reading something, deciding it can be better-worded, re-writing it (complete with typo) and not re-checking. Another favourite is writing a typo such that it spells a perfectly good word, albeit the wrong word. That’ll fool a spell-checker every time!

The reason, as you might guess, is stroke-related. Certainly a part of it is that, being one-handed, my one hand has to traverse the entire keyboard. So, especially writing key combinations, Shift + P for example, some agility is required. On the few times I’ve had to type them, the Euro symbol (on a UK keyboard, it is Ctrl + Shift + 4, I think) is a particular demon.

There’s another factor too, though. Occasionally, my brain just says “Fed up working out which key to hit, so just hit the closest one”. Of course, I know immediately that is a typo, so can correct it. Mostly. But it makes for slower typing. My foot does the same, not that I try typing with it! I will often end up standing on things, for no other reason than my brain says “Down. Now.”. I suppose with my foot, balance comes into it as well. Unless I have two feet firmly on the ground, I am likely to topple. I might do that anyway. I like to think that any falls (i.e. onto the ground) are long behind me but I still need to be careful. I’ve been down a bit on soft grass, even once quite recently, just when the unevenness has tipped my balance as I put my foot down.

So please, if you see a typo in one of my posts, forgive me. If you let me know, I will correct it. When I spot it anyway, I will correct it. My friends tend to be very forgiving if they encounter one of my mistakes, but for me it is pure embarrassment, because I used to do so well. Bear in mind, too, that I’m not brilliant at spotting things these days, either.

Author: Stroke Survivor UK

Designed/developed IT systems for banks, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing from home, plus do some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

2 thoughts on “Mishtakes”

  1. I recognise all of this! I use an iPad as cannot bear the weight of a laptop on me, and just could not manipulate one any mire. I can’t sit at a desktop either.

    IPads have Voice Over on them as you probably know. I am still learning to yse the various apps a d auds. I am not doing very well much of the time, but there you go. Some people on WP are very kind about mistakes, but some aren’t. I try to be polite about it but sometimes my mustakes can be very bad. I have Dictation software, but it just writes things all wrong. Like, wood anemone will come out written as woiden enemy. Atracks will come out as a tax. But being blind I cannot see the mistajes. Mind you, sometimes they are hilarious. I once wished a vucar an arse day off. It was meant to be a nice day off. Ha ga

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    1. I have an Android phone and Android tablet, but that would certainly explain why my daughter speaks insults into her iPhone when she visits! (Don’t ask, she seems to fight with everybody!) But I prefer to do everything on my laptop, because of the screen size, so I have checker apps installed on that, but not the portable devices.

      I too encounter mixed reactions. If I’m feeling generous I will ignore the nasty ones, but I can sometimes be incredibly blunt – that I mistype things because I’m disabled, and does it help their ego to take the **** out of someone’s disability. When I take that approach I usually never hear from them again. Probably they’re too embarrassed.


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