Too Good To Be True?

I was unbelievably pleased that my migration from Blogger happened so smoothly. Within a day, probably, I had something ready to share with the world. I suppose the abortive attempt a few weeks ago helped out, just in terms of having a pre-idea of how to set things up.

I didn’t quite go the whole way with WordPress, just as I never did with Blogger. I bought the domain name through my usual registrar (I’ve probably got ten domains with them). They allow me full management. For the Blogger site, I set up a few things to point to Blogger, so when I made the change, I reset these to point to WordPress. Because I own it, I can make these changes without having to ask so-and-so to do such-and-such.

WordPress still likes to manage a few things. When I performed the migration, I thought it was really smart, because things like my email worked perfectly, right from the off. WordPress must’ve looked up the old data and brought it across.

At this point, it gets technical. When you set up (or any other email server), you have to set two things up, your incoming server’s address and your outgoing server’s address. For each one, you publish the server’s IP address. When you’re huge like gmail, you’ll have different addresses for each.

So imagine somebody opens their email program. When they’re picking up their emails, they’ll connect to one of the servers.

Then imagine that they then decide to send an email to instead, their email program looks at the other address, so it knows where to send the message.

I own, so the plan was to change the web site settings from Blogger to WordPress but to keep the mail settings the same.

I could see it was all working, so I probably didn’t look closely enough at the settings. I assumed that wp had been really smart and pulled the old settings across, and I was good the whole weekend.

Today, though, my email program stopped picking up messages. It gave an error when it tried to read them. That was weird because people could send to me without any problems. My current wp settings mean that wp alone is sending me 50-odd emails per day!

So I looked closely at these settings, and here’s the weird thing: some of them had been set up, some hadn’t. The settings for somebody to send stuff to me were there, but not the ones my email program uses to receive.

Fortunately, my blog’s email is all hosted on my mail server, so I’ve been able to log directly on to that to see messages, and nothing was lost. And, I’ve made sure that the necessary settings are added in wp. Lo and behold, my email program is fine now.

A hiccup, no more. I can kind-of understand how I managed to pick up email after I migrated, because changes take time to propagate around the world, but I’m stumped, why wp picked up some of my original settings and not others.

World War III

Okay, I can officially report that World War III has started, in my house at least.

We have two cats in the house. The girl, Lola (above), has been here for several years. She likes her own space. The boy, Reuben (below), has been here since last year, although he’s older than that. For some reason, my daughter took him in. She couldn’t look after him, so asked if we would take him. He’s ever so friendly, with an incredibly loud purr at any excuse. Unsurprisingly, we fell in love with him. He also happens to be enormous!

The two cats don’t particularly get on with one another. She hisses when he gets too close. Mostly he’s not interested, but if he’s in the mood he’ll chase her. He’s twice her size. But the funny thing is, they have learned to co-exist.

This week, my wife has gone away on holiday for a short break. I didn’t go with her because I wanted to stay here. So, she invited my daughter.

Daughter arrived last night. Complete with her cat. Yes, I’m cat-sitting for the week.

Hence World War III! I wouldn’t mind, my daughter’s cat is only a youngster, but seems very feisty. My two just want to get on with life, but daughter’s seems to want a fight.

No cat-blows yet, but plenty of hissing from the girls, and I have been scratched for my trouble. Fortunately, the boy is keeping out, although he’s generally very nocturnal, so is probably asleep somewhere. It’s just as well, he’d eat this other cat for breakfast, and still want more!

The added complication is that because my daughter’s cat doesn’t know the area, I’m going to try and keep her in the house all week. However, the other two use a cat flap, they come and go as they please. I’m hoping it takes the usurper more than a week to work out how it works!So, this is going to be me until Friday. Wish me luck!