Daughter Update

Just a few weeks ago, at New Year, I posted about my daughter. I thought I’d give a little update.

Unfortunately, the job turned out as I expected. I hate to say I told her so, but… I told her so. Whichever company she had applied to join, they had decided on the strength of the firing that the potential risk of employing her outweighed the potential gain. I can’t blame them, I would have done exactly the same.

[For anybody new to the saga, daughter’s last job was also her first, she was fired from it (albeit under dubious circumstances), and given a correspondingly bad reference.]

Without saying anything, daughter changed her CV, to exclude this previous bad job altogether. It was her only proper job.

So, when we next saw her, daughter was full of smiles. She hadn’t got that job, but don’t worry, several others were in the pipeline.

With daughter, the devil is in the detail, and it took a while to tease out the detail. My wife thinks she did the right thing, even though it will mean dropping a recent job in the same sector she wants to work in. Start from the bottom again. I said that if I were a potential employer, gave her a job and then found out that she’d skipped a job on her CV, I would fire her immediately for not disclosing it.

How would they ever find out? she says. I don’t know, but that kind of thing tends to haunt you – she will have to be on her guard about it for the lifetime of the new job. It only takes a slip of the tongue to mention this previous job. Especially as my daughter is prone to slips of the tongue!

My own suggestion was that instead of asking for a reference from the head office, she should in future ask for a reference from an ex-colleague, somebody she had worked with and got along with. There isn’t anybody, she says. That’s the real problem – she worked there for six months and can’t think of anybody who’d have a good word to say about her. Plus she has strange ideas about who can and can’t give her a reference. Those ideas might well be contrived, a way of just telling me to butt-out. My idea is that somebody who’d worked with her, built a rapport, would more likely be positive. Anyway, for those reasons, daughter rejected my advice. I shrugged – to do anything else wouldn’t help. She will sink or swim by her decision. I’m in a position anyway where I’m happy to butt-out.

As regards her visits, it is like my last title (Boomerang) – she keeps coming back! About once a week, for a couple of days at a time. It is a bit much for me but how can I say no? Besides, she is quite pleasant when she comes, sometimes even quite useful with her car. She does not want to be at (her own) home. I find it awkward when she is here, because her decision to accuse me of abuse was a watershed in my book. It was a trapdoor – we fell through it and can never get back up. We were never going to be a regular father-and-daughter, from that point on. That’s not necessarily her, but something I have trouble getting my head around.

Can I just come over for a visit? Well, at least she asks.

Who Won The Week (19 January 2020)

I have Fandango to thank for this title – he has been posting regularly on this subject from his west-coast-USA vantage point. I am interested in current affairs too, and normally have some nonsense or other to spout about one of the UK’s topical news stories. So, I like to join in. Maybe there’s something in your world that you’d like to post about?

I must admit I don’t really have a stand-out winner this week, but I thought I’d mention a story that has rumbled on in the UK for a few months now, and let you decide who the winner is.

The venue is RAF Croughton, in Northamptonshire. About 100 miles due north of London. The base is a US listening post, and stationed there was a guy called Jonathan Sacoolas. He is an American serviceman. On 27th August last, 19yo Harry Dunn was knocked off his motorcycle outside the base, and was tragically killed.

Dunn was killed by a car allegedly driving the wrong way down the highway, driven by Sacoolas’s wife, Anne. Anne Sacoolas is also American, and for the duration of their posting, the pair had diplomatic immunity in the UK.

I guess Anne Sacoolas panicked, and she hightailed it back to the USA the very next day.

A police investigation followed. The laws here seem to be quite reasonable. They range from one extreme, where the incident is treated as a tragic accident, and nothing further is done, to the driver being charged and facing prison time – if it goes that way, the death can be treated as seriously as murder.

The police investigation found that Dunn had been hit by a car driving the wrong way, and that the car had been driven by Mrs Sacoolas. In fact, the local police thought that the weight of evidence was so great that they issued a warrant for her arrest.

But there was the problem, because Mrs Sacoolas was no longer around. So the warrant for her arrest became a warrant for her extradition. As you can imagine, the case has to’d and fro’d these last few months. Dunn’s parents even flew out to meet with Donald Trump in the White House.

Now, I don’t fully understand the ins and outs of Diplomatic Immunity, but it appears that in Mrs Sacoolas’s case, it is worthless. She could still be charged with the crime. As things stand currently, a request for her extradition has been sent to the US.

In amongst all these events, there is the bluster. Dunn’s father, Tim, tried to hijack an appearance by the UK Foreign Secretary, during the recent election campaign. (Dunn said he was frustrated at not being granted an audience with the Foreign Secretary under normal circumstances.) On Monday of this week, he appeared on TV, saying he was very confident that Mrs Sacoolas would be extradited. He pointed out that even if the request were stonewalled by the current administration, then the warrant had no expiry, so possibly the next administration would see things more favourably. I thought that point was a very good one.

However, on Tuesday (the next day), Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, appeared in a lengthy interview on breakfast TV. The interviewer could not resist asking about Harry Dunn.

I have got to give Johnson credit where it is due, for his honesty. He said that he thought that there was next to no chance of obtaining an extradition. Which is probably absolutely right.

I can imagine that this case has severely rattled our government. But at the end of the arguments, the question boils down to whether one person’s life outweighs the especially fragile relationship that the UK has with the US at the moment, under the Trump administration. We can all decide that Trump is an idiot (and lots of people here have) but the nature of our relationship with the US depends a lot on the relationship we have with its president.

So my gut feel is that the UK’s politicians have done exactly what they needed to do, to be able to say they acted correctly. And when the extradition doesn’t happen, they can plausibly blame the Trump administration for that. So Johnson is quite right when he says candidly that there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of Mrs Sacoolas being extradited. Johnson to me seems to lack the attention to detail needed to be a good Prime Minister, but his gut feel, in this case at least, is probably on the mark.

The latest twist? Well, Mr Dunn appeared on TV again Wednesday, slamming Johnson for his pessimism. I myself don’t see much contradiction. Dunn has to have hope, Johnson has to have pragmatism.

So, who won? Watch this space…

Song Lyric Sunday (19 January 2020) – Three Amigos

Last week, Jim (NewEpicAuthor, A Unique Title For Me) set a theme of football terms (my choice). This week, he’s looking for songs written by the Three Amigos, by which he means a link to a Tom, a Dick or a Harry.

When I read Jim’s prompt this week, I had to think a bit, but I got there. I got a Harry, so no matter, I’ll go with her.

So my choice this week is straightforward. From 1979, this is a hit from Blondie, and was written by band members Jimmy Destri and Debbie Harry. In fact, though she is famous as a singer, Harry had a hand in relatively few Blondie tracks, but this is one of them. It was quite a big hit in Europe (#1 in the UK, #3 in Ireland, #6 in France, #7 in Belgium), but only reached #39 in the Billboard Hot 100. Only! In the UK, every Blondie song tended to be popular and my French teacher had a pin-up of Debbie Harry (who is the same age as my mother was!)

Uh huh make me tonight
Tonight make it right
Uh huh make me tonight
Tonight, tonight

Oh, your hair is beautiful
Oh, tonight, atomic

Uh huh make me tonight
Tonight, tonight
Oh, uh huh make it magnificent
Tonight right

Oh your hair is beautiful
Oh, tonight, atomic

Your hair is beautiful
Oh your hair is beautiful
Your hair is beautiful
Tonight, make it magnificent
Tonight make me tonight

Your hair is beautiful
Oh, tonight

Oh atomic
Oh atomic
Oh tonight
Oh atomic
Oh atomic