I’m kinda reluctant to share this link because I don’t know how good the information is. I’m wary of sharing stuff which we will subsequently find to be wrong. As a plus, I have been looking at this site for the last week and the numbers have been pretty consistent with what I am hearing from other news sources.

It might be optimistic for the UK – in the last few days the number of new cases has bucked the recent trend. We’re still at breakneck speed but maybe somebody started to put the brakes on? Fingers crossed.

I just posted about international readers an hour ago, and this site gives some idea what different countries are going through. And if anybody can tear themselves away from Corona, there is another section (link below) where they’ve collated data about the world’s populations.

Numbers are fascinating.

or, your country:

or, populations:

If anybody thinks these numbers are unreliable, please share your thoughts.

Please Keep Posting

Remember Pops’ lyrics?

I see friends shaking hands
Saying, “How do you do?”
They’re really saying
“I love you”

When you post something, or comment, or like, please remember that whatever you post, you’re also saying I am well enough to use WordPress.

I know many of us only use WordPress every few days , I know some people won’t feel like posting at the moment, but please remember, every time you interact with the community, it is like hearing your heartbeat.