Fact or fiction?

Wayne Rooney is in the news at the moment. Soccer star, former England international striker, most likely a millionaire a hundred times over. A story I once heard about him tickled me.

He’s being interviewed by some reporter, who is obviously in awe of his presence.

– Gosh, must be great being you. I bet you don’t even do your own shopping.
– Yes I do.
The reporter decides to test him.
– You do? How much does a pint of milk cost?
– 42p. I had to go out to the garage the other night to get some.
The reporter is aghast, as Rooney’s answer is about right. But they think that anybody who meets Rooney must be as star-struck as he was.
– Wow. What did the attendant say to you?
– That’ll be 42p, please.

Tickled me.

Psychiatrist / Psychologist

Ha ha – the girl on TV just now clearly didn’t know the difference, but rather than using one, being consistent, and hoping she’d got it right, she chopped and changed word throughout the article, making her ignorance quite obvious.

But I must admit – I don’t really know the difference either! Answers on a postcard, please (or in a comment)….