Song Lyric Sunday (29 March 2020) – Senses

Last week, Jim (NewEpicAuthor, A Unique Title For Me) set a theme of oaths (my selection). This week, he gives us the theme of senses.

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Soon as I heard the prompt this week, I had my choice.

I have no great tale today. I suppose in my formative years, I figured that I liked soul music, and as I listened to more and more of it, this was a track I really liked.

My choice today is by Jackie Wilson (1934-84). I heard Jackie Wilson on some of my cassettes, and just assumed he was a soul singer from the Sixties/Seventies (which was true), but I never heard his name around any more, though, so I wondered what happened to him. In fact, he spent his last years performing in Las Vegas – alongside people like Elvis – where he suffered a heart attack while performing. He never recovered and died shortly afterwards.

But Jackie left us with some sweet, sweet music. He was active right the way through the late 1950s (remember Reet Petite?) right until his death, and my choicee today comes from 1969. I Get The Sweetest Feeling, written by songwriters Van McCoy and Alicia Evelyn, was only a modrate hit, charting at #34 on Billboard (#12 on the R&B chart) and #9 in the UK. By the time I heard the track, Jackie was already gone.

In recent years, Jackie Wilson has received acclaim from various sources, for example his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but of course these were mostly postumous honours.

Anyway, the tune. Always one I enjoyed.

The closer you get
The better you look

The better you look
The more I want you

When you turn on your smile I feel my heart go wild

I’m like a child with a brand-new toy.
And I get the sweetest feeling

The sweetest – sweetest feeling –
The sweetest – sweetest feeling – loving you

The warmer your kiss
The deeper you touch me

The deeper your touch
the more you thrill me

It’s more than I can stand
When you hold my hand

I feel so grand that I could cry.

And I get the – sweetest feeling
The sweetest – sweetest feeling
The sweetest – sweetest feeling – loving you.

The greater your love
The stronger you hold me

The stronger your hold
The more I need you.
With ev’ry passing day I love you more in ev’ry way

I’m in love to stay and I wanna say.

I get the – sweetest feeling
The sweetest – sweetest feeling –
Honey’t the sweetest – sweetest feeling – loving you.

Van McCoy, Alicia Evelyn

Song Lyric Sunday (22 March 2020) – Vows

Last week, Jim (NewEpicAuthor, A Unique Title For Me) set a theme of cash and flowers (my selection). This week, he gives us the theme of vows.

In the summer of 1989, I was studying for my final exams at university, spending about 10 hours in the library each day. There were distractions, of course. I had a girlfriend whom I’d banned myself from seeing while the exams were on.

Plus there was this record going around by a brand new artist, who seemed to be like a breath of fresh air. Every track on her album was brilliant, we listened to them over and over, and we got to know each track off by heart. The album had been released in 1988, but it took it that bit longer to reach us over in Cardiff.

My selection today comes from the lyrics of one of the album tracks. I normally like to link Jim’s theme to the title of my music tracks, but this is a cracking protest song. If fact I did tag this song onto one of my other posts just a few months ago – I don’t like to repeat myself, but my SLS audience is generally far wider than my every other post audience, and besides … this track is that good!

I called the song a protest song, and I shall explain why (and my link) by quoting some of the lyrics (I’ll quote them again, in their entirety, below):

If not now then when
If not today then
Why make your promises?
A love declared for days to come
Is as good as none

In other words, if you commit to doing something, and you say you’re not gonna do it now, but one day, then what use is that? That is not a committment, merely an aspiration.

The album is Tracy Chapman’s self-named debut album, and every song on the album, including my selection, was written by Tracy herself. The album was a surprising commrcial success, selling over 20 million copies worldwide, and reaching #1 in the album charts in both the UK and the US. From the album Tracy Chapman, here is If Not Now.

If not now then when
If not today then
Why make your promises
A love declared for days to come
Is as good as none

You can wait ’til morning comes
You can wait for the new day
You can wait and lose this heart
You can wait and soon be sorry


Now love’s the only thing that’s free
We must take it where it’s found
Pretty soon it may be costly


If not now what then
We all must live our lives
Always feeling
Always thinking
The moment has arrived

Tracy Chapman

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Music Challenge (20 March 2020)

I must admit I had completely forgotten about Jim’s MM Music challenge today, so it was brilliant to see his post in my reader. It’s just as well one of us is organised!

I had two completely different thoughts today, resulting in three songs! But, what the hell, I’ll post them all, and you can pick and choose. It always seems to be songs – through my other posts I have realised that 90% of the stuff that clicks with me is music, but I’m sure one day soon I will think of something else.

Straight away, I’d love to Change the World. Okay, but what if you specifically don’t want to change the world? And straight away I’m thinking of the Kirsty MacColl song from the early Eighties, which contains the lyrics:

I don’t want to change the world,
I’m just looking for a new England.

But then I thought I’d twist it a little bit. You see, Kirsty never wrote the song. In fact it was written by the very politically-aware English folk singer, Billy Bragg. He is still going as a singer, and very much still politically active. I’ve ended up with some of his music just because, from my viewpoint, his politics is pretty sound. I guess while you might have heard of Kirsty, you’re less likely to have heard of Billy, but his music is very simple – just him and his guitar, normally, and pleasant.

So, here is A New England, written and performed by Billy Bragg (lyrics).

And if you’re reminiscing about Kirsty MacColl’s version, here that is, too:

You can kinda see why Kirsty had the hit, but Billy’s is more raw.

Okay, there’s the first thought. The second thought was completely different. In his own post, Jim mentions Alvin Stardust. I remember his death, I remember his name, but most of his work was before my time. I do remember this one, though, from 1984, called I Feel Like Buddy Holly. I listened to chart music a bit back then. The song was written by songwriter Mike Batt and its lyrics are under this link. I’m avoiding posting them myself because this post is long enough already. Before writing this post, I hadn’t heard this song for 35 years!